Cold Region Data Accessibility Portal for Quebec (CRDAP-QC)

The Comparison Tool embedded in CRDAP-QC is to compare and inspect dependencies among cold-region hydroclimate and cryosphere data at monthly, seasonal and annual timescales across Quebec’s regions. The raw daily data used in the Comparison Tool of CRDAP-QC are taken from the North American Space Agency’s Earth System Data Record (NASA-ESDR). Further data processing and creating the Comparison Tool are made at the Water Security and Climate Change Lab, based in Department of Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering, Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science, Concordia University

To get started choose (1) two or three variables of interest at a particular (2) region, as well as (3) time scale/period. Go to Compare Data menu to compare the variables you have chosen with one another.
1. Choose Type of Data

2. Choose Spatial Scale

3. Choose Temporal Scale

4. Compare Data

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